Miniature Golf Course Construction and Design

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Miniature Golf Course Construction

Miniature Golf Course Construction

Miniature Golf Course Construction
is our specialty at Miniature Golf Solutions. Our experience began creating miniature golf courses, but private owner commercial and residential clients have hired us to build rock features and waterfalls in and around their swimming and decorative pools as our business has grown.

With nearly 20 years of experience in all phases of development and operations of some of the world's finest miniature golf course facilities, the owner David Bailey, brings knowledge and expertise to every aspect of miniature golf course construction.

Examples of our work can be seen throughout the United States, Canada, and Germany. Our website also has a gallery of photos taken at the sites where we have created incredible miniature golf courses. These projects include a variety of work ranging from backyard rock and waterfall features to elaborate miniature golf course construction.

Miniature golf course construction can make be as complicated or simplistic as you desire. Choose from faux or real rock for your formations. Hand carved rock and waterfall construction can be added to your miniature golf course in both interior and exterior locations. We can build for you what it has taken the earth years to carve out of stone with rainfall. Waterfalls and streams can be the main element of your miniature golf course construction. But we can do so much more. The rock and waterfall construction can be done to your specifications indoors or outdoors. Our service doesn't stop with the completed construction. Not only do we design and construct, we can also repair or renovate existing miniature golf course projects. If you have crumbling rock or stagnant water, let us give the feature a refreshed facade. Trust our team of professionals to treat your miniature golf course like we would our very own. You won't be disappointed with the work that we do. No two miniature golf course construction projects are alike. We painstakingly design each miniature golf course to be completely unique using the latest innovations in the industry. Taking on a single project at a time ensures that the owner himself will be there to supervise every step of the process. We get referrals all over the country. We pride ourselves on building the most fantastic miniature golf courses you've ever seen with the utmost in quality as our cornerstone. We will work with any size budget and any size property. Elaborate courses can be constructed from scratch or we can renovate an existing course that need's a facelift. Improve your company's bottom line by taking advantage of our consultation services. Themed courses are popular. We can use your input and imagination in designing a miniature golf course with pirates or a safari themes. A simple and natural setting with rocks and water can be built or one with different types of carpet. Whether it is a classic course, an indoor course or mini putt, we can design sweeping slopes and varied surfaces for your miniature golf course. Even if you have no concept of what you want for your miniature golf course, we can help you as we have helped many other new miniature golf course owners.

Use your imagination and then let Miniature Golf Solutions bring your dream miniature golf course to life.

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